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Wörterbuch (en): Tread line / Walking line

  1. Tread line / Walking line
de: Lauflinie (f) / Treppenlauflinie (f) / Stiegenlauflinie (f) / Gehlinie (f)
fr: Ligne de marche (f)
it: Bastone da passeggio
es: Hilo conductor (m)
pt: Linha de caminhada (f)

A construction line for the course of a staircase. In construction drawings, the tread line is shown leading from bottom to top, starting with a circle over the front edge of the staircase entrance and ending with an arrow at the top edge of the exit. It indicates the usual route of the user of a staircase and is located in the walking area. The actual path chosen depends on the walking direction (up or down), the width of the stairs, the handrail support, the course of the steps, e.g. for coiled stairs, and the size, age and physical condition of the user.