Benutzer: Gast

Wörterbuch (en): Roofing felt unterlay

de: Dachpappe-Unterlage (f)
fr: Sous-couche de feutre pour toiture (f)
it: Sottofondo in feltro per tetti / Cartone catramato appoggio
es: Subsuelo de fieltro para tejados (m) / Cartón alquitranado base

Bitumen impregnated carton used as a moisture barrier in buildings. Coarse-grained sand, fine gravel or slate splinters are often rolled into the roofing felt in order to achieve higher abrasion resistance and UV resistance. In residential and commercial buildings, roofing felt is often used as a second roofing material under the roof tiles. In simple buildings such as gazebos, tool sheds and the like, roofing felt often forms the sole roof skin, which has a shorter service life than a tile or metal covering.