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Master in Advanced Architecture FAST ASIA

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)- is an international centre of education and research focused in architecture understood as a discipline that involve different scales from territorial analysis, urban developments, architectural projects, digital fabrications and informational environments.

The Institute extends educative programs linked to the ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE MASTER in collaboration with the Fundación Politecnica de Catalunya

This year the MASTER of Advanced Architecture topic is Fast Asia / Asia 2005-2006: "Fast economic growth vs. fast city growth in Asia".

The program ends with an Excursion for all students supported by the IAAC to the area of study, this year, a country of Asia.

The program is one year long, oriented toward architects and other professionals in the field of engineering, landscape, geography, social sciences and economics who wish to further and refine their knowledge and professional skills in relation to phenomena at the architecture, urban and territorial scales.

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